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    How Can I Lookup a Value from the previous day that may not be in the table?

    Chad Clauson

      Hi, I have a single day dashboard filter driving all my visualizations. One of them is a table which displays the error codes for the current day, its count, its previous day count, and percent change. The issue is that some days certain errors aren't present. Considering we are working with thousands of error codes, we do not store each code in the table every day if they aren't present. In other words, there is no row for an error code if there is no count for that specific code on that day and therefore no null values to lookup on. How can I check that?


      When I do a lookup, it may find nothing and return a blank or wrong value which I can't do percent change or anything. Also, since I'm using a single date filter, would that affect my ability to lookup the previous day (outside the filter)?