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    baseline chart

    arnab dasgupta

      I wonder how to create a baseline chart. I have the dataset of nfl, now we have the selected players filtered appropriately. I have never created a baseline chart, just wohder how to do it? Its supposed to base x axis as 1,2,3,4....11(for 2006 till 2016) and players data have to be shown as all starting from 1, suppose somebody started from 2009, then played in 2012, 2016, so the corresponding points for that player should be on 1(corresponding to 2009),2(corresponding to 2012) and 3(corresponding to 2016). Similarly for all players.


      I can create a calculated field from 1 to 11 based on 2006 to 2016, but it wont create baseline for the players. Any idea will also be great, I can work out the rest.


      Thanks a lot,