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    Data blending / Join

    Aaron Duncan

      Hey guys, the best way for me to "join" these two data sources is via blend. However when i blend the two data sources on a DATE field, the date ends corresponding to the shortest time frame. See below for an example and help if possible;


      SERVED (Primary data)

      ISSUE DATE (jan, 1 2018 - Oct, 14 2018)


      REDEEMED (Secondary)

      CREATED DATE (Jan 1, 2018 - Aprl 24, 2018)



      IF i were to plot this on a trend graph, it would only show data up until 4/24/2018 even though there is data in my primary source going up to yesterday. In theory i would want to do a left join to include ALL data from SERVED and only matches from REDEEMED, however when i do that the data is duplicated. I only need 1 field from REDEEMED, the issue being that there are two different date fields that i need to match on a 1:1 basis.


      Can someone please help? Also i cannot share WB since this is company information.