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    Reload custom images causes wonky re-indexing of shapes

    Scott Henry

      Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone else has run into this funky problem:


      I'm using custom shapes.

      I have a new shape that I create and save to my shapes.

      I go to my sheet, which has a single value calc on the Shapes mark (it's a button). Again, I'm using a custom shape already.

      I go to my folder, reload, find the new one, and apply it to the value.

      It works.


      BUT! The rest of my custom shapes in my dashboards have gone crazy! The sheets themselves have the correct shapes, but any dashboards that contain those sheets have what appears to be re-indexed shape files! They've all shifted around, and of course, are completed wrong! Seems to be a left shift of four in my case. I'm not sure exactly how many shapes I updated when I reloaded, but the shift seems programmatic, and is not 1.


      Has anyone else experienced this? Desktop 10.5.1.