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    Tootip on viz doesn't work for multiple columns

    Rohan Bapat

      I am trying to display viz on Tooltip for mostly tabular data. A highly simplified representation of the data is as below -


      StateCityAreaFood AvailableDrinks Available


      My aim is to show the last 2 columns - 'Food Available' and 'Drinks Available' using color and hover text


      I was able to add Food Available to bubble color and hover text. No is Blue and Yes is Orange colored in sheet and in toolip. This works as expected. The worksheet looks as below. The first column under 0 is for Food Available while the second column under 0 will be for Drinks Available


      2018-10-15 (1).png


      Now, I wish the second column bubble to show color for Drinks Available. so when I drag the Drinks Available to color, the color appears but tooltip vanishes!!


      2018-10-15 (2).png


      When I look into the tooltip sheet, in the filters there is a new entry which includes Drinks Available. Is there any way to prevent this behavior. I'm also open to any other ways to approach this visulization. I hope my explanation was easy enough to understand. Please note that this is a simplification of my actual problem and I need both the color and tooltip on viz to work.


      On a side note, the Axis titles simply do not work. I have specified the axis title for first '0' column as 'Food Available' and second column as 'Drinks Available', but it just shows as '0'. I cannot comprehend why Tableau cannot display the correct text.


      Thank you!

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          Jim Dehner

          Im not sure I understand your goal but is this the tooltip action you wanted



          You can play with the format


          place each sheet in the same tooltip


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            Rohan Bapat

            Hi Jim. Thanks for answering this. Unfortunately, my visualization has to look like the images I posted earlier. If you look at the first image, you can see that the tooltip on viz works on the first column. But in the second image, when I add color to the bubble in last column, the tooltip in the viz on the first column vanishes. The ideal solution would be one where the tooltip is visible in the first column in the second image. I hope this clarifies the problem.


            I appreciate you taking out the time to answer my question, and I get your approach, but the viz is a simplification of the larger viz that I'm actually working on and your approach won't work for my problem.