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    Dashboard Highlighting does not work

    Alena Klatte

      Hi all,


      I'm getting more and more desperate with this and appreciate any help / thoughts!!


      In the dashboard attached, I would like to achieve the following: When clicking on the different scenario icons (the triangle and box icons on top):

      1.) the figure in orange should change (using filter action, this works already)

      2.) the corresponding bubble on the right should be HIGHLIGHTED and not filtered as I need all bubbles to still be shown, e.g. when I click on scenario one, the first and smallest bubble is highlighted (this does not work despite highlighting action)


      Some explanations I've considered already:

      First, I thought the problem is because of different data sources, but I now rebuilt the scenario icon worksheet and it has the same data source as the bubbles one (please feel free to double check!)

      Then I though it is because filter action is still active and it's prioritised over highlighting action, but also if I turn off the filter completely it does not work


      Very, very grateful for your help!!!


      Best, Alena