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    Tableau Public: Images Missing after Publishing the Workbook Online

    Yanbin Cen

      Hi guys,


      I use  2018.2 version Tableau, and after I published my workbook online, I found all images on the dashboards missing (I inserted the images directly on dashboard tabs as objects  ). I checked multiple threads online but didn't really find an answer. I know all the data sources have to be extracted, so was wondering if there is also a way to do that for the images?


      Another question related to the tableau public is if there is any way to only publish selected dashboards with hidden sheets online while still keeping other unselected dashboards in the local version? It seems there is a dialog box supposed to have similar function however after I clicked 'publish workbook' (or 'save to tableau public as '), the only window popped up is just to type in the workbook title, and there is no dropdown choice. I attached a snapshot for reference.



      Would really appreciate a lot if anyone can help me the two questions above! Thanks in advance!