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    Extracting data from 'live' Excel workbooks

    Mark Adams



      I have setup a flow in Tableau Prep which extracts data from 47 Excel workbooks and appends them into one table. That's all good but the users of the 47 Excel workbooks now see the files as open and can't edit them whilst I have the Prep file open. Any number of people could be editing the Excel files at any given time and the files are all coded to save every 15 minutes so that I have near live data. This is obviously the same as not being able to edit a source file whilst it's in use by Tableau Desktop.


      Is there any way around this, effectively disconnecting the link until running the flow? I have been previously using PowerQuery within Excel to achieve the same append result and that doesn't take control of the source files in this way. I can continue using PowerQuery to extract the data into the single table but that kind of makes Tableau Prep redundant as I can do the other ETL work in PQ and then still use that file as the source for Tableau Desktop.

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          Hello Mark,


          I am assuming that you are running something has scripted the Tableau Prep flow. As a workaround can you have the script start and then kill Tableau Prep before and after it has run the flow? That way in theory I believe this should prevent the files from being locked except when the flow is actually running.


          Hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick