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    Tableau Union in DB2 Database Causing Issues with a Migrated Datasource (10.2 to 10.5)

    Swati Pareek

      Hello Everybody,


      We have an existing Tableau Datasource that uses IBM DB2. In the datasource one of the tables needs to be converted to a Union. Our Organization recently migrated from 10.2 to 10.5.3 and with the new Tableau version we get the option to either create a new Union or convert an existing table to a Union.


      Here's what happens, when we convert the one of the existing tables to a Union:

      • All the existing renamed fields disappear
      • All the calculated fields lose their reference and start throwing an error (Reference to undefined field <fieldname being used in the calc>)


      When we try to repeat the steps of converting the same table to a Union by creating a new Datasource in Tableau 10.5.3 everything runs smooth i.e. there are no lost reference for calculated fields and no renamed fields are affected.


      Has anyone experienced this? Could it be because the original Datasource was created in Tableau 10.2 and was migrated over to a newer version?


      Thank you!