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    Tableau-requirement for my dashboard

    Agil Visaakan

      Hi Team,

      I want some idea about chart,i want to create dashboard for resource allocation.

      For that,i will share some requirements kindly tell me which chart or KPI suits each topic.


      Resource Utilization and Hours by Project by Resource-
      Need to know the “Remaining Hours for each project to identify the Resource availability if any new project comes”-
      Need to know the “No of Days remaining for each project”-
      Technology with resources involved (Tableau, Power BI, etc.)-
      Resource Status (Fully Utilized, Partially Utilized, Available) as Filter and count in pie chart-
      No of Resources-
      Show Resources Name as Filter-
      Designation list (Manager, Lead, Support Engineer, Developer) based on resources.-
      Need to know the Utilization level (Fully allocated, partially allocated) by resource by project.-
      Need to know the Utilization level by resource by Client-
      Show Billing type (Billable/Non-Billable) as filter.-
      No of Resource based on the Billing Status-
      Billing Status(Billable/Non-Billable) by Project-
      No of Resource by Client-
      No of Resources by Project/Managed Services-
      Need to show the Shift timing (EST, IST, and Europe) by resources need to be in filter.-
      Resource Count by Shift Timing-
      Show Communication list (Email communication, Client communication)-
      No of Communication Resources.-
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          Stefan van der Merwe

          Hi Agil


          It all depends on what the organization wants to see, but if you determine the generic type of visualization e.g. change over time, correlation, etc. for each, you can always use the Visual Vocabulary dashboard by Andy Kriebel as a good guide: https://public.tableau.com/en-us/s/gallery/visual-vocabulary.




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            suman kumar

            Hi Agil Visaakan


            This looks like Utilization Dashboard and Project Manager Dashboard.


            I have worked on Utilization and Project Manager dashboard where People Manager track people their Utilization.

            How many hours has billed and how many hours is non billable. what is variance from forecasting hours of people. Performance of different job code people.

            For example:- Analyst has capacity per week of 33 hours then How many hours he has worked on billable and non billable. If that Analyst has forecasted that he will have 33 hours work next week then we can see next week that how many hours has he/she really worked. What was variance between forecasted and Actual.


            Second if Project Manager Dashboard:-

            Here what is variance from project Budget in $ and In Hours. What is Anniversary date for project for subscription services. How many hours has worked on any particular Project and who has worked. What is run rate. what is summary at high level like Region wise, Advisor wise, Project Owner wise etc.



            Now coming to the point that what kind of chart can be created..?

            It depends on How many metrics you want to show or How many key metrics higher people like Director wants to see to check the performance. From my experience, Higher people wanted to see more than 10 metrics so it wi very difficult to create a very good visualization using 10 Key metrics. So I used to create cross tab chart for this. I also created few charts in Utilization Dashboard where I have created stacked Bar chart to show Billable Hours, NonBillable Hours, Planned Holiday, Admin Time of users.



            Please let me know if I could Help you in this.





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              Agil Visaakan


              Thanks a lot,You are correct i am exactly looking for utilization and project management based on resources.

              I have collected all the requirements suman like u said billable and non-billable etc.

              But i am very confused what chart should i need to use.

              Kindly,help me with your knowledge and if possible please send me the dashboard you have created it will be very needful for me.

              Waiting for your reply ASAP.

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                suman kumar

                Hi Agil,


                It won't be possible to share dashboard with you as you know very well that we can't share data with anyone.

                But I can tell you few things about dashboards.


                In Utilization report, we have mostly bar or Histogram chart  and Pie chart and rest of report is in cross tab.

                For Project Manager report, All report is crosstab because we are trying to show many key metrics in the report and we can't create any chart with lot of metrics.

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                  Agil Visaakan

                  I thought it was practiced demo dashboard.Thank you for your answer Suman Kumar.

                  In case any doubts regarding this can i get your email id?

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                    suman kumar
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