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    fiscal month issue: Changing to the next fiscal month

    Patrick Weber

      Hi I have a problem with fiscal months.


      In our company we are using an excel file to insert the date range for each fiscal month because it's not always the same day.

      Now I struggle with the logic if a new interval has started.


      Let's say today is Aug 22 and the interval for September will start.


      I created the calculation "checkStartDate". If you setup the parameter "Test_date" to Aug 22 then there's still the problem

      that we are in both fiscal months now and the start date of both months will be shown (see attached workbook).

      The result should be Aug 22 and not July 17 of the previous interval.


      How I can fix this issue?

      Maybe something is missing or wrong in "checkStartDate".


      Thanks for any tips.