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    Aggregate Text in to comma separated cells

    Lloyd Buss



      Is it possible to convert input below to the output to the right? I want to convert my python script to Tableau Prep but can't see an option for this type of aggregation.






      CountryProductMetric ValuegfffffffffffffffProductRed CountriesGreen Countries
      Country 1Product 1RedProduct 1Country 1, Country 2, Country 5Country 3, Country 4
      Country 2Product 1RedProduct 2Country 1, Country 3, Country 4Country 2
      Country 3Product 1GreenProduct 3 Country 1, Country 2, Country 3, Country 4
      Country 4Product 1Green
      Country 5Product 1Red
      Country 1Product 2Red
      Country 2Product 2Green
      Country 3Product 2Red
      Country 4Product 2Red
      Country 1Product 3Green
      Country 2Product 3Green
      Country 3Product 3Green
      Country 4Product 3Green