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    Create chart with values that includes to other values

    Suvi Ahlstedt


      I´m new to Tableau and I´ll have to create a below chart but I don´t know how to proceed.

      The problem is that I don´t have that kind of dimensions available in my data set and one value is total and others are filtered part of total revenue. Revenue total is easy as it is total income but how I can add to same chart other values as well? Revenue w/o device sales is revenue excluding specific accounts and service revenue is income from specific accounts.



      Revenue total100110115105100
      Revenue w/o device sales901001059590
      Service revenue85951009085



      Revenue total: Hierarchy level1 = 'Revenue'

      Revenue w/o device sales: Hierarchy level1 = 'Revenue', Hierarchy level2 <> 'Device Revenue'

      Service revenue: Hierarchy level1 = 'Revenue', Hierarchy level2 = 'Service Revenue'


      Can someone help how I can create that kind of chart?