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    Activate/deactivate/change owner of license?

    Tobias Forsberg



      I am a new Tableau-admin and I have som questions regarding licenses:


      1. Is it really necessary to deactivate a licensekey before assigning to another user? What I mean is - isn't it enough to basically:


      • go to My Keys
      • click on a Product Key
      • select Assign Key
      • type in userfirst, userlast and email
      • send key to new user
      • DONE


      When I take the above approach the user that I took the licens from can no longer use Tableau Desktop (have checked) and the new user (after install) is up and running.


      2. Key owner. What does this really mean? If I change owner of the key, what happens? I mean the enduser still has the key but if I set myself to owner on every key - what is the advantage?


      3. The server core key. Does it matter which emailadress or user I use for this key? Is that emailadress used by the installation or can I change it (from the person who left or company to mine)?



      Many thanks,


      BR / Tobias

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          Mark McGhee

          Hi Tobias,

          I'll try to provide some background information that might be helpful.

          (1) For both Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server, both products come with a certain number of "fulfillments" tied to each one.  Everytime you "activate" either product you end up using a fulfillment. When you "deactivate" a product you're putting a fulfillment back.  If for example, you never deactivate a license and it keeps getting "activated" at some point you'll run out of fulfillments and you'll get a "max activation error".   Typically at that point you would need to engage Tableau Support to help reconcile the difference.  Though some folks get confused by this and think we will suddenly *stop* all the current activations for that particular license but that's not the case.  It just means no more activations can be done with that license unless you de-activate an existing use of that license or again, contact support to help you reconcile.


          Where folks tend to get in trouble with this one is that if someone leaves the company, they may "reimage" their machine where Tableau Desktop was installed without deactivating the license first so there will never be a way to return that particular fulfillment.   For Tableau Server, an Admin may setup a temporary cluster to try things and then blow away say the Virtual Machines again *without* deactivating first.


          (2)  In regards to Key Owner, in part we'd think it would be helpful to know who/who doesn't have say a Tableau Desktop license.  There is an "All Keys Report" which you can export out to a CSV file.  This could come in handy so again if someone has left the company, could their key now be reclaimed to be handed off to another employee as opposed to purchasing an additional Tableau Desktop key.


          (3) For the Server Core key, occasionally we will send a *blast* email of security items and we'd use the email address that was linked to the key.  So if that user no longer exists as well as their address, I would update it to reflect your address since if a security issue arises the notification would go to yourself.



          As a side note, per the EULA you're allowed 1 Production and 2 non-Production environments for your Server key(s).  For Tableau Desktop a user is allowed to install two instances.  The assumption being one for work and one for home.  Here's a link to our EULAs for each product if you'd like to dig deeper:


          Legal | Tableau Software

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            Tobias Forsberg

            Thank you very much!


            / Tobias