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    Newbie Tableau question that I can't get working

    David Harakos

      I'm using Tableau 2018.2 (The latest version I think!) - I've attached a spreadsheet which shows 3 tabs one outlining the concept structure, 1 with the data and 1 with the desired results from tableau and an explaination of why the results should be as I've mocked up in the spreadsheet.


      The quick summary is that I'm trying to drill up and down a hierarchy (Project/Major/Minor/Lowest/Courses/Person) and re-calculate the engagement band according to what level the user is viewing (as they drill up and down).


      I can easily work out the percentage of engagement (number of courses engaged at the level / number of courses and the same level) but I cannot then create a band from that percentage and show a count of users (Per the desired results tab in my spreadsheet) I *think* my problem is that Tableau doesn't want to create a bin for something already aggregated.


      Googling, I *think* people have worked around this by creating a duplicate of the datasource to give a second level of aggregation - But hey, I'm really not sure if this newbie is even remotely close to the mark on my theories.


      Any help greatly appreciated.