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    Header as useful data

    Massimo Mancini

      Good morning to everyone.

      I am testing Tableau desktop with a real case I am facing for a little job. I find Tableau very interesting but during my evaluation I am focusing to solve a question in particular that would be possible with Excel and here I don't know how...


      In few words I have 1 sheet with headers which point out some locations and a bounce of following rows (10K) with codes and numbers.


      If I want to crete a map in order to visualize and pull out outlook of data, only the header has info about locations. So, the sheet like that doesn't allow to charge the map because headers are not useful for the map as I understand, am I right?


      I thought there could could be some help just adding a second sheet (as support column) with the list of locations, sounds correct? if yes.... how to link the column list with the header of sheet1?

      Is that possible?


      Thank you for any advice.