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    Spread Rotation & Spread Factor Parameters...???

    Fallyn Thompson

      Hi Everyone,

      I'm relatively new to Tableau and can't figure out what is probably a simple question. I have a map with 100+ data points (plotted using unique longitude and latitude coordinates). I'm trying to apply a spread rotation, spread factor and jitter effect.


      - The jitter effect works (Thank-you Timothy! - https://biztory.com/2015/11/16/tableau-tip-multiple-map-symbols-on-a-same-location/ )


      However, I have no clue how to create a working spread rotation or spread factor.

      I've reviewed the post by Norbert Maijoor here: Jittering (again) , however, he doesn't simplify it enough so I know where to enter steps 2, 3, 5 etc.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!!