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    Relationship with the datetime value

    Deniz Atcali

      Hi all,


      I have two tables, first one I calculate an average of time periods and from the second the sum of a given column. I want to summarise the value in one sheet in one details box but I have the problem shown below :


      the both dates are in datetime, I linked them as below :



      Then if I didn't link them like this :



      I got the total value for the window for all day points like that :



      if I link them I got wrong values for menHour :



      The workbook is attached, all I want is to have the right avg and the right sum of menHours for the same day.


      PS : I also tried to calculate with only the date value but the avg period changes and I don't want it and also tried to calculate and link with different types of date parts but could't have it done.