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    Make a filter based on a table calculation a context filter, or data source filter, or LOD, so it precedes quick filters in order of operations

    Ben Peterson

      On this dashboard, I show the number of students that have attended each school, and also the number of students that have attended both schools. The problem occurs when I add an age range filter.


      When all age range values are selected and both schools are selected, no students in common are shown.


      HOWEVER, when I select only the "75+" age range, one of the schools in the school filter is filtered out, and the students of one school that are 75 years old and older appear.


      What I would prefer is that choosing the "75+" age range would not filter out one school, and that the dashboard would still indicate that there are no students 75 years old and older in common between both schools


      FYI, It doesn't appear that I am able to put the school name filter into context.


      Thanks in advance,