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    How to add (or calculate) average of 'Percent Difference' on line chart?

    Andrew Wolford

      Hi everyone,

      I'm working on a requirement that has me stumped and could use a little help!


      Below is a screenshot of the wireframe I'm attempting to re-create in Tableau.  I have also attached a stripped down workbook with the line chart and relevant data. 




      I've created the line chart, and have added the Quick Table Calc 'percent different' to it.  Easy-peasy.  The part I can't figure out is how to add the average of 'Percent Different' for the series, and can't tell if it's even possible.  The solution can be a bit flexible:  It could be adding this metric directly to the chart, or could create a separate tabular worksheet and float it over / next to the chart on a dashboard.  I can't figure out how to do this without creating a table that shows all the dates, sum(daily_uniques), percent different, and then the average of that.  Appreciate any help, thank you!!