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    How to group two dates by a transaction so that the dates display side by side in a pivot table

    Amy Chen

      I am having trouble getting my pivot table to work within Tableau.  Specifically the data I am working with looks something like this:


      Transaction A01/01/2018Account 1$500
      Transaction A01/31/2018Account 1-$500
      Transaction B02/01/2018Account 1$100
      Transaction C03/01/2018Account 2$3,000
      Transaction C04/01/2018Account 2-$2,000


      I am trying to create a table or pivot table to see how much has been posted within each account, and how much still needs to be reversed within each account.  Below is a snip of what I am envisioning.  However, I'm struggling with displaying the posted date and reversal date side by side.  Right now the "reversal dates" are on a second line underneath the "posted date".  Any ideas?


      DateDateAccount 1Account 1Account 2Account 2Balance Remaining
      (Posted Date)(Reversal Date)(Posted Amt)(Reversed Amt)(Posted Amt)(Reversed Amt)
      Transaction A01/01/201801/31/2018$500-$500$0
      Transaction B02/01/2018$100$100
      Transaction C03/01/201804/01/2018$3,000-$2,000$1,000