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    LOD for Total Number of Records Ignoring Date Filter

    Kevin Steenburg

      Hi all,


      I have attempted a LOD calculation that ignores my date filter and I think I am NEARLY there but for some reason, depending on which month I filter to, some records still filter out.


      Example:  I have a list of individuals [Performer] and their number of victories [Total Wins by Performer] at specific events [Event Type].  I want to display in a bar chart their total count for performance for [Event Type] in a specific month [Date].  I also want to compare that to a benchmark of their performance over the year. 


      I have this:


      {FIXED [Performer],[Event Type] : SUM [Total Victories by Performer])}


      When I display this with no filters other than Event Type, I get a number.  When I add the [Date] filter and change it to a specific month, I would say most of the time the number stays static but every now and then a number will change for one performer, maybe two, when I change the filter to a single month.