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    Small project to hire someone skilled in Tableau to build a viz with nice Castle design

    Ron Packard

      Is there someone skilled who can build this for me?   I imagine it will take only an hour or two for someone with the right skills....  Maybe 4 hours?!  Anyway I can offer up to $150 for this...  I've got a rough draft started already....  I've got a CSV file with 100 castles ready, with images already loaded in URL's for each of 100 set.  The URL images are all the same size, small size, and placed on a cloud edge server for high speed loading.  All the components are ready and in small-size form ready for usage.  Ideally you will be a Tableau developer who knows how to make-it-small.  I anticipate upwards of 20,000 visitors per day on my website.  This is actually a very useful utility and something that the buying public needs very badly.  Turns out there are oodles of rich people looking to buy castles each day.






      I also have a few basic questions about Tableau distribution.  How can I distribute this?  Can I place it on my website?  Can I place it on a WordPress or blog?  Does it need to be a static website?  What kinda licensing do I need to buy for this?  THANKS!!!!