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    How do you compare 2 things of the same measure/dimension?

    Natalie Crow

      I have a list of people and places. There's multiple people assigned to multiple places so I created a calculation that would list all of the people at each location. Now I am trying to use parameters as filters to 1. select a person and all the places will appear - and still list the other people at that place 2. select 2 different people and it will show the places they have in common - and list any other people. Any ideas?


      Original Data Example:




      What I have now Example:



      TorontoJeff, Bob, James


      What I want example - if have a filter/parameter for person 1 and a filter/parameter for person 2 and I choose Jeff and Bob then it would pull up the shared place (Toronto) and include an additional shared person (James) if there are any:


      TorontoAnd James


      Also attached a workbook if that helps - version 10.5.1!


      Thanks a bunch.