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    Specific Store Sales Rate vs. Whole Store Network Sales Rate

    Daniel Segura

      Hello all,


      Let's say that our company has 40 stores across US and we would consider useful to have a way to compare the  performance of a single Store against the performance of all stores together. We have a metric called Sales Rate which is simply Customer Contacts with Sales / All Customer Contacts, e.g., 8 sales for 10 contacts = 80% Sales Rate.


      Now, how can I compare a single store's department vs. the actual store?


      Something like this:




      I tried using groups. Basically just grouping every department except the department I want to compare but of course that is not practical because we have like 40 departments.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      - Daniel S

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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Daniel

          Try using lod's    {fixed store : sum(metric)}   will give you the specific store total for the metric

          and                     {fixed :sum:(metric)} will give the total sum in the db  then divide one by the other


          also and this is important - if you are breaking down the data my other dimensions like date - you will need to add that to each of the LODs like

                         {fixed [date]:sum:(metric)}



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