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    Can you un-merge automatically merged fields when union joining?

    Stuart Adshead

      Hi there,


      I'm using Tableau 2018.2.


      I am attempting to union join 2 tables from Microsoft Nav data source within Tableau.  However, I have 2 fields named "No." that do not contain the same data.


      When I apply a union join, Tableau automatically merges these fields and I cannot un-merge them.


      Is there a way to un-merge these fields?


      Or, is there a way of doing a manual union join?


      I would like to merge the field named "No." from one table to a field named "Order No." from another table.


      Once I have achieved this, I would like to link another table via a regular join and use the merged field of "No." + "Order No." as the join clause between these.


      So far I have used a calculated field to pull through the required "No." from table 1 and "Order No." from table 2.  However, when I come to my normal join for table 3, I am unable to select this calculated field as the joining clause.


      Any help much appreciated.



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          Jim Dehner

          Good morning


          Once you complete the union 2 fields are added - Sheet and Table

          the table will have 2 values - one for each of the unioned files - they will be they same but the second will have an integer appended



          you can then conditional statements based on the table name    i.e.   order number =  if [table name] = 'Table1'  then [no.]  else null end

          you may need additional steps to complete your analysis not being able to see the data is a detriment


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