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    Cleanup after a Server 2018.2 to 2018.2.2 Upgrade on Windows

    Brad Baker

      After doing a Server upgrade from 2018.2 to 2018.2.2, the old version still shows up in Windows Control Panel and the old software folders are still there. Anyone have any ideas about the best way to clean up?  The upgrade docs don't see to cover this, as far as I can find.


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          Rick Kunkel

          Hi Brad.  This is normal behavior starting with TSM.  You can uninstall older versions.  Please see the Product Help page at Uninstall Tableau Server for a more thorough explanation.


          It took a me a little while, as the upgrade pages are pretty deep at this point, but I did find mentions of this behavior in the Upgrade Tableau Server page.  Look at the "Install while running" and "Multiple versions" sections.  There's also another section a little farther down, which I will quote here for quick reference:


          When upgrading from Tableau Server 2018.2 or later, you do not uninstall the previous version. The upgrade process is designed to install a new version side-by-side with your existing version, and then switch from the earlier version to the later one. If you uninstall your current version before installing the new version you cannot upgrade properly. After installing the new version and upgrading, you can uninstall the previous version when you choose to do so. You can leave the older version installed indefinitely, though one reason you might choose to uninstall it is to free up disk space used by files specific to the older version. To understand the difference between uninstalling Tableau Server and completely removing all aspects of Tableau Server, see Uninstall Tableau Server.


          Good luck!

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