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    Tableau Prep -- Is it only available with Tableau Creator?

    Teresa Wright

      Is Tableau Prep only available to those upgrading to the new pricing schedule?

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          seraj alam

          According to Tableau, Tableau Prep will be included in its highest end subscription offering called Tableau Creator. Customers of Tableau Creator can use Tableau Prep for free for the next two years.

          As for the subscription plans, Tableau said its new model will help enterprises scale usage of analytics by role. Tableau launched the following options:

          • Tableau Creator, which provides all the features in the current Tableau Desktop as well as Tableau Prep. Tableau Creator has the company's full slate of analytics tools, dashboards and visualization. Tableau Creator is designed for analysts taking enterprise data and making it available to business and technology execs.
          • Tableau Explorer is designed to enable people to create new dashboards and collaborate under a governed data model and self-service analytics. The general idea is that Tableau is allowing business users to explore data without being able to add and manipulate data sources.
          • Tableau Viewer fits a broader enterprise by allowing workers to interact with dashboards and visualizations and get alerts to better make decisions.

          The company said that its subscription plans are available for software as a service, on-premises and various cloud deployments.