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    What questions would you ask our panelists @ TC18?

    Thad Wellington

      We're hosting a panel discussion at our User Group on Thursday, 10.25 at TC18. While we're finalizing the panelists, we want to know what your burning questions are around embedded analytics, use cases, scripting, portals, APIs, extensions, or other related topics. We'll mix some of your questions with those in attendance.


      So, what's on you mind? Let us know in the comments.



      User Group / Panel Discussion
      Thursday 10.25,10:45-11:45
      MCCNO – L2 – R01


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          Ross Helenius

          How do we get efficient support related to API usage in cases? When testing our functionality related to new release we may find bugs in the API that flounder in support to find someone to confirm it and provide a response. This has the potential to slow down features or updates if we don't know what the status is (confirmed, working as designed, fixed in an upcoming release, etc.). We replicate in a vanilla instance whenever possible.