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    every sheet i drag to dashboard is blank...

    jon rios

      i dont understand this phenomenon.  i have a dashboard i created, BUT now if i create new sheets and drag to this dashboard, they all appear blank, everysheet i drag in is white and empty, BUT if i hover over the sheet name i an see the chart. if i return to the original sheet, i see it has been selected but i cannot deselect anything


      i cant aattach a WB, anyone had similiar experience

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          Ginny Moench

          This has happened to me when I have a filter set (usually in a different worksheet) that is applied to the blank worksheet (whether it should be or not).  Or a dashboard action that is applied and set to "Exclude all values" when clearing the selection. Could either of these possibly be the problem? 

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            jon rios



            i am creating a sheet from scratch, with name given to it by Tableau. so it wont exist in any actions.  when i drag the calculated field "return", it only brings in 1 filter "all using related datasource" which is what ALL sheets use


            so i drag it to details, change it to shapes, select arrow, that is it. i can see it, if i go to dashboard, i can hover and see it, then i drag it in and nothing....the dashboard it filled with sheets that use this filter, if i change the filter, i see everything change, so the filter is not the issue


            am i missing something?    also, why is it that when i use it, then return to sheet, is has been "highlighted" which i cantremove?