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    How to create a chart with data from both history and current view?

    Jianing Ye

      Dear all,


      I'd like to create a pie chart out of the following list (see illustration 1) - A pie chart that gives me how many Sites are in red, yellow and green dots out of the total 27 sites in a given month. (red means NULL or no data, yellow means have data, and green means good data).


      The challenge here is that the red-dots items below are actually from the "history" view, which means they are NOT really existing when I want to see the result of a specific month. Therefore, when I try creating the pie chart, the total of the sites changes according to how many sites have data (yellow or green dots) in that particular month (see illustration 2).


      Meaning I want a base of the pie chart with the total Site number = 27 (data from all registered entries/ fixed/ history view), also, showing me the portion of yellow and green dots in the relationship of the total sites (data from a particular entry/ specific monthly/ current view).


      illustration 1


      illustration 2


      Could anyone please kindly guide me here? Thanks a lot!