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    Would like to display/not display certain graph in a chart based on a e.g. checkbox

    Tobi Eckhardt

      I did some research on tableau and beside the fact that I found numerous of interesting hints I'm still struggle with just one simple question.


      In my org we would like to turn on/off certain graph in one chart, e.g. in this chart:


      Bildschirmfoto 2018-10-12 um 18.01.04.png



      I would like to be able to display or not display e.g. the orange bars or the red graph. And I would like to offer this possibility to the user who, at the end, sees this chart in the dashboard.


      I tried with filters but there I only found a way to make the whole chart disappear or not by a true/false statement.


      Any idea?

      There must be an easy solution to this, or?


      Thanks in advance.