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    Disk space problem because of "data\tabsvc\dataengine\extract" folder

    Asgar Mammadli



      I'm using Tableau Server 2018.2 version and I cannot refresh my Workbooks, because there is a Disk Space problem. I check "Stats for Space Usage" and it shows total usage is "22 GB". But when I check "C:\ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server\data\tabsvc\dataengine\extract" folder it has "70 GB" data and it is 70 % of my computer storage, that is why I cannot refresh my Workbooks.


      I know there are unnecessary .hyper|.tde files in that folder, but I don't know which ones to remove or whether there are some commands|configurations to remove these automatically.


      P.S: I try "tsm maintenance cleanup -a -v" command for cleaning all unnecessary files, but it reduces little space (~1GB). And the size of the folder still stayed the same.


      Please help me