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    Calculation with datepart works but exclamation mark on data source sheet?

    Patrick Weber

      Hi everyone,

      I am using a sql server connection and in one table there a log dates as string which are not automatically recognized if I try to change the data type into date or datetime.

      If I do so then nearly everything will be shown as null.


      I created an extract in order to get the function dateparse which is usually not supported by sql server.


      When I created the calculation "Calc1" there was no error inside the calculation but if I change to the sheet "data source" in Tableau I see an exclamation mark for "Calc1".

      The further description says that the status is invalid!?




      Does this information occurs because I'm using dateparse? Or maybe because the column "Log" has a few entries which aren't dates?


      I tried to create a small example workbook but in this test case no problem occurs.


      It's strange because I can use "Calc1" as  filter without any issues so I don't understand why Tableau has a problem with this calculated field.


      Did anybody have this issue too?