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    (1) Pivoting (Grouping) Data Sources /  (2) Average for Aggregate Calculated Measure


      Hi all,


      Can you please share some light!


      You guys might help me with some knowledge.


      I've attached both Excel and Tableau files.


      (1) Pivoting (Grouping) Data Sources


      I have two data sources that need to be summarised (to avoid duplication) in order to link them and use fields in both tables I require. (Sales and Cases).


      I know that in SQL I could join both queries to obtain what I want (two Sums from different tables), I do not know how to do it in Tableau if the source is coming from Excel.


      Data Source 1: Spend



      Data Source 2: Cases



      Both data Sources can be summarise to 1 row. For example I dont need City, Ticket Code or Source.


      What I need is Country, week number, Cases and Sales.


      Is there a way that in Data Sources in Tableau I can choose which fields to use, therefore summarise a data source?


      This is what I'm aiming to obtain:


      (2) Average for Aggregate Calculated Measure


      If first option is not possible.


      Can you please help me to estimate the average of an aggregate measure?



      As you can see the Ratio Measure is an aggregation of Sales/Cases. But the Grand Total (Average) is not calculating the average of the ratios, is calculating the average of cases, average of Sales, then it divides these to obtain the average of Ratio. This is mistaken.


      I want to the average of 1.35,0.42,0.75,5.22 and 0.2 = 1.59.    No 1.31.



      Thanks in advance for your help!