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    How to align sheet content on dashboard?

    Victor Dong

      Hello everyone,


      I am having an issue with the way a sheet is behaving on a dashboard. The sheet is a fairly simple shapes sheet used to denote traffic lights on a KPI dashboard. When I first put the sheet onto my dashboard, it was behaving exactly how I wanted it to with the shape + label center aligned. As I continued working on the dashboard it all of a sudden became left-aligned. Even undoing the step didn't fix the alignment issue when it first happened. Since then I've been trying different things that may affect this but to no avail.




      Some things I have tried to fix this issue:

      • Playing around with container size (each row has it's own container)
      • Adjusting size of label/shape
      • Formatting options under the sheet (alignment only moves the label, doesn't seem to change the location of the shape)


      If anyone has ran into a similar issue or have any suggestions to try that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!