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    How to keep regions while filtering out points on a map

    Kyle Durfee

      I have a map that has information about Metropolitan Statistical Areas (using CBSA codes), as well as info about cities. I am using a dual axis map to put the city points on the map at the same time as the CBSA polygons.


      I want to filter on information about the cities. For example, some cities might have engineers employed by my company, while other cities don't. I put in a filter for the job role so that I can choose the job roles I'm interested in and have the cities without those employees filtered out.


      When I filter out the cities, I want the CBSA polygons to stay. Right now, if there's not a visible city coded with the CBSA, the CBSA polygon disappears too. How can I keep CBSA polygons always visilble, while filtering out cities?


      Unfortunately, I cannot share a packaged workbook for security reasons, but I included screenshots of what I'm talking about.


      Thank you!


      Map with no filters:


      Map after filtering by a job role:

      My polygons are gone!