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    Help with creating YTD over PY analysis with custom Fiscal Date ranges

    Bryan Haynie

      Hi all,


      Looking to create a view similar to the one I've already got but the issue is this,

      • I'd like to be able to segment by fiscal year and month
      • using these parameters I'd like to be able to calc a year to date versus PY to date variance


      An issue I'm having is that I havent been able to define the Fiscal Year in the data.  Also, in order to do a true year over year view, we need to line up the days of the week, meaning that the year over year as defined by Tableau is off by one calendar day for 18 v 17.  This is my current view:


      Tableau YOY View.JPG


      I'd also like to be able to use the calc to show the above data as a line graph like this one:  this one works loosely but really needs to be adjusted by a day for a true usable variance:

      YOY line.JPG

      Thanks, any help is appreciated.