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    Dynamic Rank using Parameters , from and to.

    barun bodhak

      Hello community members,


      Need urgent help on Dynamic range. Let me know if this is possible.


      I have created a Rank function based on people who have read our reports the most. Rank from 1 to 4536 based on people who have read.

      I can show Top 10 / Top 50 / Top 75 . But I also want the users to select from certain number to certain . For example from 50 to 100 people who have read

      the report and how they fair based on different products and sub products we have. I dont want a slider which can be created using Rank function.

      I want my users to select or type from and To. For example From (type in box 25), To (type in box 50) . I know there is a way out using Parameters.

      But not sure how to use.


      My Measure has total email sends and total email read.




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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Barun,


          You can create two Parameters of the Integer Type,

          in Tableau this data type is called a Number (Whole).


          Then you can use the Parameters in a calculation like this:

          [your_rank_calculation] >= [Lower Bound Parameter] AND

          [your_rank_calculation] <= [Upper Bound Parameter]


          Show both Parameters on a view, 

          and place the calc on a Filter shelf

          (with the True value selected).


          Hope it helps.