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    Manage Saved Credentials for Data Connections

    Sandeep Artham

      Hi Team,


      We are using Tableau server 2018.2.0 Linux version and DB as bigquery. We have configured OAuth in Tableau to connect to bigquery  Reports are running fine for users, but when they try to edit the workbook or try to create new workbook it is asking for google account login to authenticate bigquery access.


      One point we didn't understand is when the user tries to view dashboards or reports from workbooks it is not asking for bigquery authentication and when the same user tries to edit the same workbook Tableau server is asking for bigquery authentication.


      To solve the above issue we got to know from Tableau document that we have to save the credentials of DB for each user.


      So is there any mechanism or script to save credentials for all users of Tableau server in the single shot instead of assigning it to individual users.


      Please provide your valuable solution