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    Getting rid of 'Invalid' records

    Shai Rosenzvit

      Hi, I have a data source which contains the purchase activity for users of my site.


      The problem is that I have some records which are not valid for when the payment didn't go through or some other problem. These are identifiable by having the same 'Id Transacc Net' but a lower 'ID generacion' as you can see in page 2.


      I've identified them doing a table calculation called 'Pivot' but if I change the Viz, they stop being labeled as invalid.


      I need to eliminate this records because they mess up the analysis I need to do of each user activity. Could somebody help me with this problem?


      Best regards




      P.S. The data source gets updated daily, but I extract it to deal with the sheer number of records, don't know if this changes anything. To be able to attach it here I have left the data live, since the file was too big otherwise