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    Does a new linux install need to be initialized _and_ started before restoring a backup?

    Sam Gechter

      We're in the process of migrating from Tableau Server on Windows to Tableau Server on Linux (specifically 2018.2, Ubuntu 16.04). We're creating an ansible script to deploy servers in AWS. In following the general install instructions here:

      Install and Configure Tableau Server

      one ends up here:

      Configure Initial Node Settings

      which in the last part, says to initialize and start the server. But the next thing we're doing in our script is restoring a backup, so we just have to shut down the server again. I'd love to initialize without the start to save the time of starting and stopping the server, which can be 5-10 minutes - a long time in an automated deploy script. The initialize command can be run without the "--start-server" option, but I'm not sure if anything happens in the starting that is crucial to the installation process. I put the question to Tableau Support, and they were unsure, and said it was untested, and recommend checking in the forums here if anyone has done this successfully. Anyone do this regularly without issues?