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    Table calculation to measure when an attribute changes from the last instance

    James D

      Hi, all. Hopefully someone knows a way to do this for a data set that has tens of millions of records. I need to create a measure that will increase in count when a customer's status changes from the last instance. For example, in the data set below, customer_id A changes in status on 2/1/18, so I would want this table calc to return a 1 for this for the month of February, based on the last instance (in January) having a different status. I'm trying to measure status changes, not changes to a specific value. So whether the status changes to 1 or 0 is irrelevant. I need to count when status is different from the last instance for that customer_id.




      Crossing fingers for some Tableau guru to have the answer.




      Edit: I don't think it would make a difference, but my actual status field is text, not numbers.