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    An error has occurred while running the flow

    Govind Acharya

      Hi all,


      I can't include the packaged workbook but I can share screenshots. I have a fairly complex flow of data that aggregates so that I can post stuff to Tableau Public. One particular flow has been driving me crazy. I want to aggregate age bands to create a small file. But no matter what I do, I end up with an "error has occurred while running the flow". It definitely seems to be some problem with aggregating to age. I generated the age using a datediff (DATEDIFF('year',[BIRTH_DATE],[Date for Age Calculation])). Because of this I'm beginning to suspect that there is a bug in Tableau Prep (version 2018.2.3) that is causing the flow output to fail. Literally every other flow outputs with no issues. I've tried pretty much everything that I can think of so I need your help!


      I am attaching the flow image and specifics associated with the problem. The last screenshot is when I try to open the apparently corrupted .hyper file in Tableau Desktop.I also tried to output as a .tde or .csv and those exhibited the same problems. Thanks so much for your help!