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    Deploying a Coordination Service fails on a Fresh Installation

    Tony K

      Hello, I have a 3 node cluster (2018.2) and I'm trying to deploy a Coordination Service on each node. The Command fails for some reason. As per the instructions, I did the following:


      > tsm stop

      > tsm version

      Tableau Services Manager command line version 20182.18.0926.2120.

      Tableau Server version 20182.18.0926.2120.


      > tsm topology list-nodes





      > tsm topology deploy-coordination-service -n node1,node2,node3

      Unknown command: deploy-coordination-service

      // long help output

      Unknown command: 'node2'.


      This is a fresh installation. Before that, the File Store service was being synchronized between 2 nodes for hours - there were no data on the server. I ignored that and went to install the coordination service anyway. Just mentioning in case it's related


      Any suggestions?