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    Filter out the "lines" with the biggest difference between lowest and highest value

    Phil K



      I have a pretty simple dataset containing flight routes. I would like to see how the number of flights for each route change over time.

      Problem is that I have way to many routes to make any sense out of it.


      So, I would like to filter out the "Top 10" ones, so I only get 10 lines in the chart below. This has to be done by selecting the ones that has the biggest difference  between lowest and highest value for different months (e g. if the highest count for a certain route is in June and the lowest is in September, the difference between these has to be calculated, which the "top 10" should be filtered on). Finally I want to visualize this exactly as below, over a year.


      Anyone with a suggestion on how to? Or tips on better ways of doing it?



      Thanks in advance