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    Use final product list from first worksheet as the starting point for second worksheet


      Hi there,


      i'm having trouble wording exactly what I'm looking for, but I know what it is I am looking for.   Hopefully the attached workbook will help.


      I have a requirement where I am tracking all of our new customers. The dashboard is built on the minimum order date. Looking at what product brought them to the company and other details.


      But on a different version of this dashboard, I want to show how these customers have continued to perform (if at all). What products have they continued to buy? Are their purchases following a pattern? etc...


      I can do all of this fairly easily once I have the ability to only apply the group of customers from the first dashboard to this one.


      Ideally, I would like to have a line graph where the x-axis is time in terms of # weeks (all customers starting at 0 weeks, no matter if the week was the same time or not), and the y-axis being running sum of sales. Again, I think I know how to do this once I have the correct customers to deal with and can stop looking at only their minimum order date's details.


      Hopefully this isn't clear as mud.