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    TC18 schedule builder?

    Travis Boyle

      Ms. Fricke mentioned the ability to build our TC18 schedule on the computer, and have it sync with the app.  I've been trying to find how to do so, and have not had any success.  The URL given at the TUG yesterday (http://tabsoft.co/app) just sends me to a link to select IOS or Android, but no full schedule builder option that I've been able to find.  I've looked in the app, and not found anything.  At one point I attempted to go back through the Register for TC18 links, to hopefully see a larger version of the schedule, but did not make it any further.


      Anyone found the schedule builder option so that we can try to plan our time on a full size monitor, and have it sync with the app (as mentioned yesterday)?




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          Gina Bremer

          Hi Travis,


          Here is the direct link from the Tableau webpage:  "Prefer to use your desktop to build your schedule? No problem. Access the web schedule builder with the same credentials from your computer."


          You will still need your registration ID emailed to you by Tableau a couple of weeks ago in an email titled "The day you’ve been waiting for: TC18 schedule is here".


          Happy schedule building and hope to see you at TC!