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    TSC(Python) signin count limitation?

    Eric Summers

      I am using the TSC commands in Python to cleanup our server environment. Last week we deleted 97 sites that had not been used in the past year and now I am working on another 1000+ workbooks across multiple sites that have gone unused. The problem I am running into is that after the script runs fine for awhile I receive a 401001: Signin Error. Is there a known limit to login/out for security reasons? I don't see anything in the documentation about it. I am modifying my script to limit logins/outs but would like to know what limitation exists if any.




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          Eric Summers

          After testing this with a very generous timeout for each deletion, I determined that it is not likely to be a login limitation. I had a failure on the same site as my original run. This led me to take a look at server directly to make sure that site existed. It did but I noticed that the site name was different than the siteId. Site Name was Sales Sample and siteId was SalesSample. I had been using the site name in the site_id = portion of the TSC code. To correct this, I grabbed the URL_Namespace field from the postgres tables and swapped that in where I had been using Site Name. This worked flawlessly.