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    Yesterday Date parameter and selecting other dates.

    Ed Scarberry

      My dashboard needs to default to yesterday’s date.  I saw a hit on creating a parameter and the yesterday works.  But I notice the date list does not update properly.  Example: I created the list on 9/24.  So I have all of Sept up to 9/24.  The report did pull in 10/2 today but when I got to change the date the list is still only as high at 9/24.  There should be dates from 9/25 to 10/2 showing.  I am not seeing that.  Is there a better way to default to yesterday and still have an up to date list of dates so I can select other days.

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          Daniel Stanish

          Good day Ed.


          This may not answer your question exactly, but Tableau has released an extension that updates a parameter to the current date. The extension is called "Date Updater". The Tableau Extensions Gallery are available at:


          Tableau Extension Gallery (BETA)


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            Ed Scarberry

            That might work.  I will have to try.  The problem is in more of the refreshing of the date parameter all together.  So every day I get a new upload with a new set of dates.  The yesterday feature I have works as a default.  But let's say I create the parameter today.  So the most recent date will be 10/11/2018.  Now next day my default works and picks up 10/11.  Then I go for 4 more days.  The default to yesterday still works.  But now I need to look at 10/12/2018.  I go to my parameter date and open it up but the max date is still only 10/11/2018.  That is what I really need to change.  I need that parameter to get the latest dates from the data source every time I open the page or refresh the workbook.